SailTV Live Broadcasts

SailTV Production

Sailing Broadcast Livestream

Bring the Action to Fans Worldwide

We have developed cost-effective ways of generating spectacular live images from the water to produce fascinating and emotionally charged live sports broadcasts.

SailTracks SailTV

Bring the Data alive with SailTracks TV Graphics

Provide fans with all relevant data including speeds, distances and leaderboards. Review race starts and analyse metrics like average speed and distance sailed. Use overlays online, on site, or as part of your highlights package.

Onboard Cameras

SailTV onboard perspective

Capture the athletes’ emotions with reliable, lightweight onboard cameras.


View from the Top

SailTV drone perspective

Use drone images to explain strategies and analyse boat-on-boat tactics.

Race Insights

SailTV Post Race Interviews

Get reactions directly from the sailors in post-race interviews.


SailTV Highlight Films

Highlight Films

Make Your Event Unforgettable

Summarise race days and the whole event with high quality video productions. Create lasting value for your fans, competitors, sponsors and everyone else who is involved in your event.

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