SAP Sailing Solutions

Enrich your Event – Sailing Made Understandable

Follow sailing better than ever before

SAP Sailing Solutions

SAP Sailing Analytics

Engage fans, both on site and online. Let sailors show their skills to the world live and allow them to review their races in depth when they finished. Provide online fans with a single location to follow the racing and your event as it happens.

All races are archived: Check past performances or review close-quarters situations during protest hearings.

SAP Sailing Solutions

Realtime Race and Regatta Leaderboards

Let fans and your broadcasting team always keep an eye on the race score and let coaches track gains and losses.

Provide live event results at all times and eliminate lengthy waiting times for result sheets.

SAP Sailing Solutions

Race Viewer

The SAP Sailing Analytics Race Viewer provides a bird’s eye view of the race, enabling anyone to follow multiple competitors. The Race Viewer offer insights into speed, distance, manoeuvres, risk-taking behaviour and much more. That helps sailors and coaches to identify performance bottlenecks and review strategy and tactics. 

The SAP Sailing Analytics are based on native web technology; no plugins required.


Organize your Event – Easy Regatta Management

Streamline Communication between Race Officials

SAP Sailing Solutions

SAP Sailing Race Manager App

The SAP Sailing Race Manager delivers greater efficiency and control to race organizers by automating and simplifying their manual tasks and communication during running sailing regattas. The Race Committee App helps simplify the operation of running and managing race events to help race committees operate smarter.